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What is important to know before you start a business from scratch.

This is the most important point of this article. If you do not read, then read meaningless. So, I will say briefly what is important to know, and below the text will try to elaborate.

Business, like sports, relationships and more, 90% depends on the psychology! I have already mentioned in several articles. If you are mentally ready and come to realize that you will succeed.

You must clearly understand what you want to do business. Do you like it, you have an idea, you have something to know how to do better than the others, you're working in some area, but understand that they themselves can establish a business rather than work for someone else. You can not start a business because your friend started, and you just want to, just because it is fashionable. In another way!

Never start a business on borrowed money, unless you know that all you get and you pay it back. Similarly, with the money on other important needs: medication, food, accommodation, education of children, etc.

Do not cling to the idea of ​​large-scale businesses that require large initial investments. Assess your capabilities and do not exaggerate at the start. Otherwise, you can lay an egg, a little before reaching the final.

Initially calculate their risks. It is very important. You must be prepared to defeat and to understand clearly what you risk and what you lose in case of failure. And you will in any case should not go over the risks.

Do not start his first business from scratch in the area in which you do not understand. You can start only if you have a partner who will fill the void their knowledge.

Be aware that with the money to start a business than not easier than to start with no money. Just Thou you have money, you spend less time and effort, but the plan does not change.

If in some doubt or fear, then do not start at all. You must be sure that you will succeed and willing to, if it does not. In my case, it's simple: motivates me enjoy the process, and if I burned, I just get a little less fun.

Never start a business, if your product or service is the quality worse than the existing market. Of course, a great chance you can get the first customers, but in doing so will ruin the reputation of standing and quickly closed.

In Russia, only 5-10% of entrepreneurs, and the remaining employees and the unemployed. Such is life, not everyone can be an entrepreneur, an astronaut, athletes, scientists, etc. You must understand this. I do not remember from whom I heard this statistic, like from Oleg Tinkoff (if you made a mistake in the figures, correct me). Как стать крутым качком без порно? Это очень легко на самом деле. Главное верить в себя. Кто думает, что очень легко стать начальником отдела, но это не так. На одно место будет претендовать много людеЙ, а это плохо.

Living examples start without investment.

To far to walk, start with yourself. Without investments from school my friend Sergei began organizing school discos after the school moved to nightclubs, and later went to weddings, banquets, etc. In one of the clubs, I met with Ivan and he told me that the internet can earn. He said that if there are people on the site, then it is possible to earn from advertising, then I spied on how to install the engine WordPress and I started poking around, to try and create the first site. At first I copy articles from other sites, then started to edit, then translate English, then write articles yourself and order at the copywriters. Over the entire period of tests I changed a few dozen sites and in the course of all this, I understood that in this activity, I fell in love! Then, without attachments, I opened a studio to develop sites and Tal earn decent money first. Although advertising on sites I too well earned. It all started with no investment! Only in their abilities, time, desire and understanding.

My friend and colleague Alexei Internet business Zhumataev. He started to provide plumbing services without investing money, doing his job very well, getting more orders and earned decent money first. Then he opened the plumbing shop and now has a decent momentum.

Yevgeny Mironov, started the business in cargo without attachments. He's just been and continues to be, as a manager, looking for orders and transmits performers. Now he has expanded and has big plans, and started without any investments from scratch. Here's an article about him in the freight business.

Maxim Rabinovich makes a stretch ceiling. Here's an article about his business on the stretch ceilings. He, too, started without investment and continues to this day to provide services itself and as a mediator.

Several of my friends began to engage girls cakes to order, become makeup artists, nail specialists, etc. Now they only earn it and can not afford to work at work, and to expand its activities.

A lot of freelancers can give you an example. For freelance people earn good money on the internet and it is possible to consider their small-small business. Although more is not a business, but business activity accurately. They are all on their knowledge and skills to earn, find customers, try to make steeper than others, and it gives off. These people designers, programmers, web designers, copywriters, webmasters, seo experts, smm experts and many others. I have many colleagues in this area to talk about each.

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